INTERSECT BY LEXUS is a place where creative minds meet and share ideas; where inspired people intersect with sublime expressions of culture to experience amazing. We made an INTERSECT BY LEXUS BOOK that tells what was the concept of the space, what you should enjoy, and the background stories of the iconic interior design designed by Masamichi Katayama.

We also made other promotional items and designed magazine ads for this amazing space.

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photo Direction, Package Design, Print Quality Assurance

Senior Art Director: Taku Sato / Branding Direction: Winkreative ltd. / Illustration: Ryu Itadani

Crafted for Lexus

CRAFTED FOR LEXUS is a series of collaborations between traditional artisans and young designers, creating fresh interpretations in harmony with the LEXUS spirit of craftsmanship. The items in the collection are available at INTERSECT BY LEXUS.

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