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LEXUS is a luxury automobile/lifestyle brand. I worked for lots of product features/launching film projects and advertisements to enhance their brand identity to the next stage.

Art Direction, Concept and Design for TV-CF, Magazine, News Paper Ad, Promotion Item, Photo Image Mock-up, Logo Design, Print Quality Assurance

Senior Art Director: Taku Sato / Creative Director: Shinya Tanaka / Executive Creative Director: Hiroyuki Ito Post Production: PICT Inc. /  Graphic Design Production: Adbrain Inc., Taki Corporation

Lexus NX

LEXUS NX is an Urban Compact SUV. We made the TV commercial film and the whole promotions which related to it. We figured out the essential of the product and translated it as a creatively promising promotions. It featured form, which wasn’t normally used for automobile commercial, to express its urban lifestyle and youthful fun.


Lexus 10th Anniversary

We made a 10th anniversary in Japan logo and its styleguide, ads, and so on. It was used at variety places in a whole year.
The distinctive logo is composed with 10 Spindle Grills, LEXUS’s iconic charactor.

Lexus RC

LEXUS RC is a luxury coupe. We made its launch film at Tokyo Motor Show and TV commercial film and printing ads later. The film features people’s irresistible desire and its sensuality. To express that, we featured the product distinctive red color and unlueash the desire by using glass-cased car.


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AutoVision Category 3 and 40 / Silver

NX Reveal Film

We made the reveal film for LEXUS NX at Beijing Motor Show. It features its uplifting lifestyle on the big screens which reflects the product characteristic parts.


Branding item

The president of Toyota (LEXUS) distributes these products at various events. It features LEXUS’s iconic motifs such as LFA, LEXUS' legendary sports car. A special print method was also used to assure the card was of the highest possible quality.

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